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OO latice for the MPV buildings. Produced by Escofet. Barcelona 2015
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OO Lattice

Production: 2014
Project: 2012
Authors: Scob
Produced by: Escofet
Material: UHPC Hormigón
Finish: Waterproof

OO Latice is a prefabricated concrete element manufactured by ESCOFET®, thank to the strengh, durability, lightness and slenderness properties of the UHPC concrete and the research and development we did together we achive a well-finished main sides element, something that had not been done before. The result is a unique piece, a solution for the sunlight control, wind protection and climatic control either from indoor or outddor areas.  Moreover, the simplicity of its structure, transparency and conception allows to be used as a either in vertical or horizontal building many types of spaces and sensations.

2015 OO Lattice proyecto finalista en los FX International Design Awards, en la categoría Surfaces.