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Skatepark Baró de Viver (Sant Andreu district, Barcelona), 2018
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Project: Sergi Carulla, Oscar Blasco, Sergi Arenas
Team: G. Yubero
Area: 1.227 m2
Client:: Barcelona's City Council
Photography: Adrià Goula

The Baró de Viver skate park lies within a residuary area of the large road junction of Trinidad, in the city of Barcelona. The presence of the surrounding intertwined roadways has inspired the general geometry of the design, which permits closed circuits in several lines. It is a multi-purpose skate with street elements such as walls, inclined planes, stairs, steps, platforms, benches, handrails, etc… Other particular elements, to give personality to the new skate park, are also introduced. Some of these elements are:  the pump track, the curved sushi plate, a snake fragment and the iguana tail.

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