scob architecture and landscape

Tres Turons park (Barcelona, Spain), 2019. Winner of the contest (sector 1)
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Project: SCOB + IDOM + EXMF
Team: V. Piliego, J. Llort, A. Cuberos, S. Martins, P. Lopez, C. Montaner
Surface: 146 Ha. 
Client: Ajuntamiento de Barcelona

The Tres Turons park is located between the Horta-Guinardó and Gràcia districts of Barcelona. It is one of the city’s green lungs but is currently in a state of deterioration that puts its environmental value at risk. The Barcelona City Council convened a contest which several landscape teams entered. The winning proposal for sector 1 was the project presented by scob, which orders and defines the structure of the paths and rings that surround the three hills, and proposes actions to improve and preserve the habitats and their associated biodiversity.

The objective of the proposal is to establish a park conceived for today’s needs, made to last and with a low maintenance cost. A park of great ecological value and at the same time for citizens to enjoy.

Winner of the contest for theTres Turons Parc (Sector 1). Barcelona.

Published project in Metalocus.

Published project in Plataforma Arquitectura.