scob architecture and landscape


Landskating is a short documentary film produced by Sergi Carulla and Oscar Blasco and directed by Kike Barberà.


An old skating area by the beach, a forgotten garden buried under bridges and the reconstruction of a skate park in a working-class neighborhood, define the scene of the documentary "Landskating". A parallel narration of the building process of three new public spaces in Barcelona explains how certain marginal areas of the city have been naturally integrated in the urban network, taking into account the landscape, its memories, its people, its everyday life...

Technical Details

Title: Landskating
Direction: Kike Barbera
Screenplay: Kike Barbera, Sergi Carulla and Oscar Blasco
Photo: Carlos Essmann
Edition: Serrana Torres, Miguel M. Shaw
Sound: Pablo Demichelis and Sergio Gonzalez
Production: SCOB
Year: 2015
Dialogues: Spanish, Catalan
Runtime: 27 min